Most travel plans that tourists wishing to come to Bhutan see on travel websites and brochures are similar and repetitive. It is quite a hassle to plan an all-experiencing tour. Unlike other companies, we have a travel lab where our travel geeks (others call them travel scientists) research and integrate beautiful tour packages to the tourists. That is our secret recipe. Customized tours and special packages are our own invention. Tourists call our tours enlightening.

Because there’s nothing irritating than giving a tourist unpleasant services. And yes, we have seen tourists complaining!

We are a team that prepares a tourist with all information as soon as that tourist chooses to travel with us. From planning tours to booking tours, getting visa, receiving at airports or entry points, experiencing Bhutan, and heavy-hearted goodbyes at the airports and exits. Our communication and tour planning expertise according to the taste of the tourist is our magic wand.

At the end of the day we ask ourselves ‘what extra we can give to our guest tomorrow?’

We know nooks and corner of Bhutan and what we can show to our tourists. Tourists who have experienced tour with us regretted their short stay for many things we have to show them. Some even extended their stays. And we did that without any visa hassles.