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If you are planning to travel to Bhutan, we will be your perfect guide.

We will make your travel not just comfortable and fun but also memorable. We do this from our years of experience. There is so much to see in Bhutan than meets the eye. We give our guests unique experience of discovering Bhutan through our amazing tour plans which is usually not offered by any other travels companies in Bhutan. We don’t practice herd mentality! Most of the travel companies in Bhutan have same travel plans and give easy-and-monotonous service to their guests.

So, let us know your travel interests and then we shall communicate with you to draw a customized travel plan for you. We can take you to the nooks and corner of Bhutan and show you people, culture, food and communities you would die not discovering otherwise.

We can make arrangements to even guide you in your own language. We speak fluent English and have guides speaking Thai, Japanese, French, and Chinese. While you’re away from home, we make you feel home.

So why wonder and wait, contact us for planning your travel today.

In appreciation to our service many of our guests have hugged us tight before leaving at the airport. Some they even told us. “Thank you for everything! We had a perfect holiday”.