Domestic Pilgrimage tour Singye Dzong Neykor, A spiritual Journey to Lion Fortress

Located near the remote Chinese border in Lhuentse, Singye Dzong is no sunny walk to Taktsang; it’s a three-day, 3,000-meter ascent along a meter-wide path that can only be traversed by foot – for 90 kilometers. After sorting out all the paperwork, I joined on as a struggling, and still very much confused, student of Rinpoche’s, trying to tune my own motivation to practice. Pilgrimage is supposed to be the great enabler for this endeavor: an act of leaving the comforts of our physical, ‘worldly’ homes to find a spiritual one. How better to do it than to set out to the top of some mystical peak that is really unknown to the rest of the (published) world.
Just try Googling “Singye Dzong” – you’ll find close to nothing that reveals anything meaningful about the place.


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