Bhutan is bend on preserving its rich natural biodiversity. It reveres this bountiful wealth which provides habitat to humans and many species of plants and animals. Almost third of the country is covered by forest classified into different climatic zones with varying vegetation.

The altitude of the country starts from 200 meter above sea level at the south which rises to as high as 7,000 meters where one can see perennial snow-capped mountains of Himalaya. A nature & trekking tour can take one from subtropical southern plains to cool temperate forests in mid-range altitudes of 2,000-3,000 meters, to alpine region in the north which has weather like in the artic.

Bhutan’s rich biodiversity is a home to various flora and fauna. Some of the animal species found in Bhutan are hispid hare, sloth bear, golden langur, clouded leopard, tiger, and one horned rhino which live in the lush tropical lowland and hardwood forests in the south. The temperate forests which have vegetation of mixed conifer, broadleaf, and pine trees, is home to leopard, serow, goral, grey langur, and tiger. Animals like barking deer, red panda, Himalyan black bear, squirrel, sambar, and wild hog enjoy the fruit bearing trees and bamboo grown abundantly in the country.
The cold northern regions of the country called alpine zone provides habitat for Himalyalan musk deer, blue sheep, marmot, snow leopard, Tibetan wolf, and antelope.

Bhutan also boasts of unique bird species. There as many as 670 species of birds discovered and recorded in Bhutan. Most these birds live on seasonal habitats through migration. Thye winter migratory bird species include thrushes, birds of prey, finches, waders, ducks and buntings. The partial migrants to Bhutan include cuckoos, swifts, bee-eaters, warblers and flycatchers.
Plants species unique to Bhutan include rhododendron, blue poppy, the dock and many species of orchids. There are over 5,500 species of vascular plants recorded till date including 46 species of Rhododendrons and 369 species of Orchids.

The visionary leader of the country, the Fourth King of Bhutan, awarded the Champion of the Earth title, has initiated great conservation efforts by making it one of the pillars in his great development theory of Gross National Happiness. The country is today divided into many sanctuaries and national parks which are all connected by the biological corridors for the movement animals in all these protected areas.

There are nature trails and trekking routes all over the country which takes one to witness breathtaking landscapes and experience rich environment where one can enjoy fresh air diet and harmony with nature.

Bhutanese people have lived in close contact with nature. Every village and towns are surrounded by forests and mountains. Tourists can go hiking in any of the northern towns as well as bike around the nature trails.

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